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International Conference on Innovative Computing, Intelligent Communication and Smart Electrical systems (ICSES -2021)

24th&25th September, 2021
Organised by

St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology, Chennai, India.
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Prof. Dr. Biren Prasad

Editor-in-Chief: Concurrent Engineering,
SAGE Publication. President and CEO at Knowledge Solution, PLM consulting & KBE service company, USA

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Prof. Dr. Hoshang Kolivand,

Computer Science,
Liverpool John Moores University ,United Kingdom

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Prof. Dr. Sheldon Williamson

Canada Research Chair in Electric Energy Storage Systems
for Transportation Electrification Professor, Electrical, Computer
and Software Engineering, University of Ontario Institute of
Technology, Canada

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Prof. Dr. Tran Duc-Tan

Associate professor at Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (FEEE), Phenikaa University, Vietnam

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Dr. Sudhir Kumar Sharma

Professor & Programme Director, Institute of
Information Technology & Management (IITM), Delhi Delhi, India

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Surya Prasath

Assistant Professor
Division of Biomedical Informatics
Departments of Biomedical Informatics, Electrical Engineering
& Computer Science University of Cincinnati, OH 45267

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Chairman, IEEE Madras Section and CIS Madras Chapter.
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu